Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Alert and Confirm syntax will not work for Dynamics 365 App For Outlook

Recently, I just helped customer to upgrade their system to 9.1.x.x
We encountered many issues. However, the issue that I want to bring up now is issue regarding to the App for Outlook

We found that there is custom ribbon that calls Custom Javascript and it does nothing, no error, nothing is so-called exception occurred because I did debugging and did place the try catch block.
Unlike using Web, the debugging in Outlook is not so easy.
After I did debugging with try catch, I found out that the script is actually running well and has no error.

So, the problem is: the script that is executed is pretty simple just do some validation and show alert when does not fulfill, then throw a confirmation dialog then save the form.
Yes, the script is sucessfully executed from start to the end.

Then, why the ribbon function is not running?

It is because the alert and confirm scripts are still using old ways:

alert("Please complete all mandatory fields before submitting the form")
if (!confirm("Are you sure that you want to submit this form??")) {

So, there is no error it is just not 'supported' and not 'translated' well in the App for Outlook.
yes, it does working in Web, but not in App for Outlook.

So, after I changed it to

 Xrm.Utility.alertDialog("Please complete all mandatory fields before submitting the form");
    var alertStrings = { confirmButtonLabel: "OK", text: "Please complete all mandatory fields before submitting the form" };
    var alertOptions = { height: 100, width: 500 };
    Xrm.Navigation.openAlertDialog(alertStrings, alertOptions);


if (!Xrm.Utility.confirmDialog("Are you sure that you want to submit this form??")) {

It is working perfectly!

**The first one is still supported and it is intended for simple alert.
Xrm.Utility namespace may be obsolete for the Alert and Confirm Dialog, so as per MSDN recommendation, we need to change it :

Hope it helps!



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