Thursday, 21 April 2016

Dynamics CRM Online Multi Language: How to Apply and Change it?

Hi all,

A Quick post about how to change the CRM Online language, we all know that CRM can support multiple languages and for Dynamics CRM OnPremise, we need to install the languages, download then install them, but how about CRM Online?

Sometimes we use CRM Online as Demo as well and we might need something to show to customer that yeah, CRM supports multiple language.

Here we go

Step 1

Go to Settings –> Administration –> Languages

Add language1

Step 2

Manage the languages, you can Add or Remove available Languages by ticking or un-ticking the Checkboxes.

Add language2

*Pretty easy right?

Step 3

Apply and then Wait…It will take some times for enabling the Languages you chose..


Step 4

Now, you can change either System Settings or Personal Options Language
You can set the Language from Personal Options


And OK


Then can see now the difference




is very straight-forward configuration, CRM Online is making our life easier as well.

Hope this helps!