Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Be careful when you import managed solution and you modify that component

Hi all,

Just a short blog as per current experience.
I know it has been years I never write any post.

So, my current post is just want to explain that should you imported solution as Managed and then something requires you to update.
Does not matter it is just a display name for name, is searchable Advanced Find for a field, a Report Category for a Report, Web Resources modification directly from the Production with Managed solutions.

Please be noted that you are doing wrong thing and there is no way back for CRM Online other than raising ticket which can be rejected as it will make that component becomes 'Unmanaged' and is part of Active or you call it Default Solution.

Well, you can see it is still "Managed" in your Managed solution, but it is actually a Default Solution
It means, your component CANNOT Be DELETED anymore using Holding nor Solution Upgrade or manually you CANNOT Delete. It will remain there.

So, if you have fields you want to delete, dont hide it.
If you have report you want to hide dont hide it.
Dont do that directly in your Managed Solution environment.
Do it in the UNMANAGED Solution and you can use SOLUTION UPGRADE method to delete that component like people posted before.

This what happen the moment you changing something in your report:

The report you modified directly become "Unmanaged" and part of the "Default Solution" as the final layering. You WILL NOT be able to deploy the Managed solution again which has this component.
As there is conflict internally in the database.

So, dont do that.
Always stick in your Development for any modification.
If it is something like Report, sitemap that frequently changing and easy to maintain, it is still the best to keep it Unmanaged so you can modify and delete if you dont like it, all manually but possible.
Well, like entities, changing directly in PROD is not recommended.

Or, you can prevent the customizable

Hope this is useful.