Monday, 23 November 2020

Power Automate/ Microsoft Flow is not running for CDS (Current Environment) Connector triggers

 Hi all,

Have you encountered that your flow is not running or does not work?

It could be the reason:

Your CDS Organization is in Administration Mode with the Background Operation is disabled

To Solve:

Go to your Power Platform Administrator Centre

Then go to the Environment and Edit your environment

After that you can see if your organization is disabled or not

The issue here is not the Admin Mode but the Background Operation setting

Once you disable Admin Mode, it will auto enable the Background Operation Mode

After you enable the Background Operations or disable your Administration Mode, wait for few mins, your flow will start work again like Magic!

Remember, if your source or trigger is from another CDS, ensure also that the environment does not enable the Admin mode or ensure Background operations setting is enabled.

Hope this helps