Friday, 28 March 2014

KB2600640 is not installed on this computer

When you try to upgrade CRM 2011 to CRM 2013, you should make sure that your CRM 2011 version is currently already installed Rollup 12 at least, otherwise you will receive this error :

Then, you try to install rollup 12, but you receive this error :

"KB2600640 is not installed on this computer."

If you receive this error, you should install CRM 2011 Update Rollup 6 first before you can install Rollup 12.
Can be downloaded in :

You will se that the version that you required before is same.

This action requires Restart Server.

Hope it helps!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Option Set Value Suddenly Auto Added

Hi, Option Set Value can be added through Your field customization and you just add the item value, like this and commonly, it will be done by CRM Administrator only since it is related to Field Structures.

But, have you ever faced condition that your Option Set Value suddenly become added and added without anyone changes, you realized it when you see the data, the Option Set that it used to be only has three values : High, Medium, Low, but currently it has 4 values, that is + Lowy, and you checked to your System Admin or System Customizer are they have added some value, then they said they have not done any changes.

Is weird, right?
So this is maybe the scenario that you could face, and I share to you because one of my customer ever reported that to me, and I was very confused at the very first.

First, you have done the customization and currently you have 1 local/non-global option set field called as Local Rate, with 3 values :

1. High
2. Medium
3. Rate

As this :

You are very sure that you have created that field and only 3 values.

Then, your client/user does the Import Data as usual, it has been repeated several times without any one realizing any product, so still safe.

Then, your customer still does the same import data for example, here is the data

Then, import using standard CRM improt wizard and suddenly, they call you and ask whether you have added some Option Set Value, because when they export back the data, they checked that they are 4 values, instead 3 values, the CRM Administrator also feel that he did not add any value. So, I was confused at the time, because after already handover, I have never been handling that anymore.
Then, I check to their database, and yes, right, the data like that :

Then, I check to export, and it shows as well :

Ya, then I check to system customization :

Yes, then, I found that there is "Lowy" as new value added..

Yes, then I try to ask customer about the data import, then I try to re-import to learn about this case.

Then, I learn that in one of the data record, they have "Lowy"

Then, I go through to repeat again my step using that data, and I checked to Data map during import, and here is the cause :

We go to Local Rate field and click the lookup button
then will open a small pop up Option Set Mapping :

So, here is the summary how to solve this case :


1. If you don't want to add new value, please check again your data (this is quite difficult)

2. Go to Option Set mapping when you do the data import (DON'T JUST CLICK NEXT until finished :) )


Another solution, please using the Import Template feature to prevent users key in another option set.

Hope it helps!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

CRM 2013 All Update Rollup

Hi, here I just want to give summary of CRM 2013 Update Rollup, so every time want to see what has been fixed or what new or to download the Rollup, just refer to this blog.




Update Rollup 1 resolves the following issues:
  • Publishing a CRM report fails as the parent report already links to another report with same name.
  • Invalid Argument when navigating to view with related entity lookup. 
  • The chart (for any other entity) does not display in Korean due to System.ArgumentException: "Value of 'Malgun Gothic, Segoe UI, 9.5px' is not valid for 'units'."
  • Script error occurs when moving from a form. "Unable to get property 'get_filterType' of undefined or null reference"
  • Disabling checkbox fields using the JavaScript API does not work.
  • Creating a workflow to update an appointment with fields from the regarding Lead field fails. "An unexpected error occurred."
  • Hiding the last field of a section does not hide the section. Hiding the last field of a tab does not collapse the tab.
  • Unable to create automatic full address field workflows, as the spaces and tabs are removed if there are no other symbols like comma.
  • Using the Quick Search in Outlook and clicking Advanced Find right afterwards, the Advanced Find filter is populated with irrelevant criteria.
  • Re-import of existing solution fails with The label for base language code 1033 is not set.
  • Users cannot associate multiple records at once for N:N relationships.
  • CRM 2013 no longer warns you when you are about to delete a parent record that child records with cascade delete set on their relationships to the parent will also be deleted.
  • Unable to set a web resource to visible in script if 'Visible by default' not set in designer.
  • You´ve created a new business process flow and assigned that process flow to the security role of "sales manager", "system administrator" and "system customizer". You publish this modification and expect the process the be visible only for these security roles.Instead the BPF is hidden for all users.Instead the BPF is hidden for all users.
  • When data is entered into a form, the Save button can be clicked multiple times which results in multiple of the same record being created.
  • For a custom duration field Xrm.Page.getAttribute("durationfield").getValue() method returns a formatted value like 30 minutes instead of 30 as expected.
  • When organization is deleted and then immediately imported back, import organization wizard unexpectedly displays a warning about version mismatch.
  • Autosave off: Entity form looses command bar after navigating away and re-opening.
  • Consider you've created a Business Process for cases having a related task stage with several steps and you'd like to translate all stages to different language. Your solution contains task and case entity as well as Business Process. You're exporting translation files and try to edit those. You'll find all stage names from case entity, but you do not find those of the related task step. Therefore you cannot translate those.
  • "Email a link" URL does not navigate to the specified entity if opened in existing browser tab.
  • Errors occur when using different country formats with currency attributes.
  • When browsing to various locations in CRM, a JavaScript exception is thrown that reports "Object expected".
  • The .addCustomFilter javascript function does not work properly.
  • Workflow triggered on Before Delete event cannot be imported in a new organization.
  • When email activity with unresolved email recipient is created and saved, on load on email, value in TO field is hidden, field is empty.
  • Not able to see "Page Index" on subgrids from dashboards.
  • Published customization changes do not roll down to mobile client consistently.
  • Opportunity closed as won does not take custom status reason while closing.
  • Notes control shows time but not date for notes created before yesterday.
  • Mobile clients crash with UI Error: "We're sorry. Sorry, something went wrong while initializing the app. Please try again, or restart the app"
  • Access team does not use correct metadata driven by Advanced Find view and hence fails in Mobile Clients.
  • If you create a new email message in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 web application, you discover that you cannot modify the Description field when using the latest version of Google Chrome.



Update Rollup 2 resolves the following issues:
  • CRM 2013 Outlook filtering does not work after you perform a quick find search.
  • When you use Internet Explorer 8, the related record dropdown is missing when a record is opened.
  • When you use the Upgrade Wizard, an error message is shown with a red flag in the System Checks window: "The product key is not compatible with the installed version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM"
  • Upgrade does not create relationship for custom activity entities to mailbox_sendermailboxid.
  • When you run the email router to process incoming email, some email may be skipped. This occurs if the email in Exchange Server has a different message class than the IPM.Note default.
  • When you try to use a view that has a condition for Owner Equals Current User's Teams and the user does not belong to any team that has a security role, you receive an error: Invalid Argument.
  • When you click the hyperlink in a lookup field after you focus in the field, you receive a script error.
  • When you create a recurring appointment that has exactly 16 occurrences, only 15 occurrences are created. When you create 17 occurrences or more (or 15 occurrences or less), the correct number of appointments are created.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 has inconsistent behavior, depending on the place from which the case is resolved. When you click Resolve Case from the entity Form, the Resolution (subject) that is passed in by the end-user is replaced by the generic phrase "Resolve Case." When you click Resolve Case from the Grid, Microsoft Dynamics CRM saves the value that was provided by the end-user. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, the value was provided by the end-user and not overridden by CRM.
  • When you view completed activities, such as email, you cannot select any text on the record. This includes the body control.
  • Users of the offline edition of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Client for Outlook cannot configure their Offline Scheduled Sync settings under Personal Settings.
  • Depending on the placement of an option set field in a section of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 form, the number of visible options is limited, and the user has to scroll to see the remaining options.
  • After you upgrade Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 or import Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 appointment customization, you receive a pop-up error message while you are saving appointments:
    There was an error with this field’s customized event.

    Error: Object doesn't support property or method 'Form_onsave'
  • Field alignment setting is not respected on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 forms.
  • You cannot customize YomiName fields because the detail form does not display.

    Copying and pasting multiple lines of text from a Microsoft Word document to the body of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM email activity record causes additional line breaks to be inserted between each line.
  • When you use Chrome to view duplicate detection rules in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, the criteria are not shown every time that you open the record. You may have to close and then reopen the record an undetermined number of times before the criteria are shown.

    Outlook client is unresponsive during startup.
  • When you save or send an email from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 web client in an email activity that had a template inserted, the body is saved or sent with nothing in it. If you edit the email body after you insert the email template, or if you use the insert template button on the email editor toolbar, the body is saved or sent correctly.
  • When you use Internet Explorer 8, the related record dropdown is missing when a record is opened.
  • After you upgrade or install Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 when you create a telephone call activity from an existing contact or lead, the telephone number field is not populated correctly. This behavior is different from what occurred in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.
  • Outlook saved views are not sorted alphabetically as they are in the web client. Outlook saved views should be sorted exactly as they are in the web client.
  • Deadlocks occur when an Associate request is called to add users to teams.
  • Custom entity grid icon is not visible in Outlook.
  • Lots of notes cause the focus to be lost when you create new notes.
  • Custom reports that aggregate with a groupby on OptionSet fields display: #Error.

    When a user searches for a string of numbers that exceed the upper bound of the whole number column in Microsoft SQL Server, the following error is returned to users, and the search is ended:
    "Invalid Argument"
  • Field security on check boxes causes JScript error when you save.
  • When you have a web resource that should be shown across the width of a section, and you change the visibility of the web resource, the width is reduced by half.
  • Incorrect "Do Not Allow" notification is generated on Phone Call/Email.
  • Subgrids update continuously with a "Loading..." message.
  • Consider the scenario in which using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 affects synchronous plug-ins or synchronous workflows to perform an update of the StateCode and StatusCode of Activity entity. The StateCode and StatusCode action is taken Post-Create synchronously then an exception occurs on the Save. When the same plugin code registered asynchronously, it will process and complete without error.
  • Query Builder error occurs when you use addCustomView that contains a related attribute.
  • When you set IME mode on an attribute on an entity to ACTIVE, the IME mode is not honored. This occurs with Single Line of Text, Multiple Lines of Text, and other attributes that are bound to input elements or text area elements.
  • After you paste a numbered list into the email body control and convert the pasted content to a bulleted list, the bullets are misplaced above the selected text. The bullets will appear on their own separate line, even though there is no line break. Additionally, the text cannot be moved up to the bullet so that both the text and the bullet appear on the same line.
  • Personal View is removed when Show Selected Views is used on Dashboard Grid after redraw.
  • Time Format selection is not reflect correctly in setting.
  • Unexpected format changes occur when you create mail messages from an email template.
  • Users who have no Create permissions but has Read, Write, Append, and Append To permissions cannot select an Entity record that has an N:N relationship. This occurs for both custom-to-custom and system-to-custom entities.
    Unable to get property 'get_element' of undefined or null reference
    SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'get_element' of undefined or null reference
    File: inlineeditcontrols.js, Line: 1, Column: 89186
  • When you import an updated solution that contains lots of entities, the import is not completed in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.
  • If a user presses the Enter key in the body and then presses the Delete key when the user is replying to email activity records in the application, a line break is inserted into the body of the form.
    The mailbox (CRM User) has been disabled for synchronizing appointments, contacts, and tasks due to unknown error. The owner of the associated email server profile (Profile Name) has been notified
  • When you review Microsoft Dynamics CRM client for Outlook tracing, the tracing incorrectly suggests that an item was being updated when in fact it was being created in Outlook from a synchronized CRM Microsoft Dynamics CRM item such as a contact, appointment, or service activity.
  • Disabling Auto-Save does not disable Auto-Save when trying to navigate away from a form before saving.
  • Customers that have installed the Language Packs for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and enabled Help in those languages will notice most of the Help content is in English rather than the language they selected under Language Options
  • Section containing an HTML web resource collapses/ resizes to half the size when setVisible method is called
  • Deployment Manager and Plugin Registration performance is slow due to DC communication
  • Cannot save Opportunity if user has create permission and no write privilege
  • SSL Offloading does not work when CRM is not using Claims/IFD authentication
  • Multi-thread SDK app crash with System.InvalidOperationException
  • Duplicate registry values in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook causes Outlook to Crash
  • CRM Client trace is not reporting correct version number
  • CRM 2013 Outlook filtering not working after performing quick find search
  • Outlook client unresponsive during startup
  • Exchange Sync: Appointment Broadcasting: Recurring Appointments: Past instances for the appointments are not reflected
  • Cannot update StateCode and StatusCode of PhoneCall entity via plugin code
  • Importing an updated solution version fails to import
  • Local Data option missing after Update Rollup 12 in Outlook Client Personal Options
  • Invalid Argument Quick Find Failure
  • Outlook saved views should be sorted the same way as in Web
  • Custom entity grid icon is not visible in Outlook
  • Many unnecessary spaces in the email body
  • Emails generated by RightFax software are not tracked by CRM when using Exchange 2010
  • Account Yominame field customization form not showing correctly
  • Records Duplicated if "Save" or "Mark Complete" button is pushed multiple times

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

CrmUserChecker for No Microsoft Dynamics CRM user exists with the specified domain name and user ID and The user ID associated with the current record is not valid

In your experience in CRM 2011, Have any problem with Create New User or login with user, but still said invalid, etc?


This can be caused by :

1. The user was coming from upgraded CRM version and you were not mapping when you should map that.
2. Then the user can be disabled user and also you create new CRM User and that user will have two status (even though their user GUID are different, pas they are using same domain login name), they are Enabled and also Disabled

So, what you should do is to do query check your system user

select IsDisabled, FullName, CreatedOn, ActiveDirectoryGuid, DomainName from systemuser
where DomainName = 'CRM\aaa'‏

Then see whether return two or one entry.

Okay, for those who don't like to be hectic with SQL Coding,
You also can use CrmUserChecker Tool which is you can get from Microsoft when you contact for their support.

This tool is very useful.

And very informative, which is showing you that You have two entries of the same Domain Name in the SystemUser view.

It also can be problem solver when you execute this tool by clicking OK two times after pop up out to choose OK or Cancel.

Not only that, every single SQL Query if you are curious they also produce from their log :

It also gives you every detail of the Query to make you more understand and also gives you Diagnostic about the inputted user.

Hope it helps!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Customize CRM 2013 for Tablet

Customize CRM 2013 for Tablet

Within the release of CRM 2013, some of the features are great UX and UI at the iPad or Windows 8 or Surfaces.

I was impressed this is very good UI.
But, please take note that they have many limitation to be customized, here I share you what can be done for customization and what cannot be done :

1. This feature only available for iPad and also Microsoft Surfaces or Windows 8 Apps, so for Android or iPhone or Blackberry, currently you might be access the CRM for Mobile Express, but cannot get this wonderful UI.

Tablet version Home :

Mobile version Home :

2. You can enable your custom entity to be accessed from Mobile through this Setting :

3. You cannot enable system entities that by default cannot be enabled, for example : Goal and Article

4. Only Javascript that be enabled, Web resources and iFrame will not be displayed.

5. You can customize Dashboard, but only one Dashboard can be shown, that called as 'Sales Dashboard'

The Sales Dashboard contains the following content by default:
  • Pinned Tiles section
  • My Activities (List)
  • My Open Opportunities (List)
  • My Open Leads (List)
  • My Active Accounts (List)
  • My Open Opportunities – Sales Pipeline (Chart)
  • My Closed Opportunities in Current Fiscal Year – Top Customers (Chart)

Well, but you can rename it, maximum columns still same, that is 6.
Here, you should modify this Sales Dashboard system Dashboard.

You can rename this name as well

After renamed :

Then, you can still do same customization like you do in the Dashboard Customization for System Dashboard.

But, please back to the rule #3 dan rule #4, if you include any Web Resources or iFrame, those will not be displayed to your Sales Dashboard on Tablet. Only list and chart with limited 6 components that will be available in this Sales Dasboard and all user will see the same Dashboard Component, the data will be displayed based on the security role.

And back to rule #3 for example, if I put the sixth column as Goal Chart, I can access from here (from preview at the customization stage and also from Web), but this Goal Chart will not be displayed to your Tablet Dashboard pertaining its status : cannot be enabled for CRM for Tablet.

Like mine, it will be only show 5 columns of Dashboard since the sixth column is dedicated for Goal Chart.

6. Customize form sames as you customize the form, but only One Form that will be displayed, so that some javascript for getting form selector like that will not be enable.

Form Features not available
There are some features available in the web application that are not available in CRM for tablets. This includes the following:
  • Yammer and Activity Feeds
  • Bing Maps integration
  • SharePoint Document Libraries
  • iFrames - typically used for including web pages in a form.
  • Web Resources
  • The ability to switch to another form when there are multiple record types per form. The CRM for tablets app always uses the first form in the form order that you have privileges to use.

7. Business Process Flow

You can also have Business Process Flow in the CRM for Tablet and also can switch process.

8. Then, make sure that the user has security role privilege to access CRM for Tablet.
"Make sure that the Use CRM for Tablets permission is checked on in your security role"
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 iPad App

And finally, when will the client get any changes of customization? When there is any prompt like this,

then the user should download the metadata changes.
"Metada checked each time app is opened or when app is inactive in background and reactivated (if last check was over 24 hours)"


Customization Limitations
- Only JavaScript web resources are supported (not all function)
- iFrames will not be displayed
- 5 Tabs on a form
- 75 fields on a form will display (this is hidden fields are included)
- 10 lists on a form
- Some default entities are read only or cannot be enabled, like Goal

Business Logic
- Bound by client SDK
- Business Rules and client API calls flow through
- JavaScript bound to events - supported
- Web Respurces and iFrames - not supported

Command Bar
- Rendered from ribbon XML
- Permiision checks will be honored
- Enable rules will be honored
- All commands will show except specified in dispay rules

JavaScript or SDK that are not supported :

Server Side Extensibility
Plug-ins and Workflow
- CRM for tablet calls standard SDK
- CRUD requests will trigger Plugin and Workflow also

Hope it is informative :)

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

CRM 2011/2013 Cannot find SSRS Instance when install Reporting Extension

Ever face when you install CRM 2011/2013, database and application are connected but when you try to install Reporting Extension, you don't find any SSRS Instance.

Resolution :
You should install your CRM Reporting Extension in the same server where your Reporting Server located at.

Hope it helps!

Demo CRM 2013 for Pharmaceutical Company (Healthcare)

Here I share some tips and tricks what I have done to demo to Health Care or Pharmaceutical Companies.
Convince them that choose wrong CRM can be bad commitment from them since it will only add paperwork for their Sales Reps that loving freedom and mobility.

Say to them we are User friendly because we are Microsoft and UX is similar with other Microsoft Product that we have got used to.

If you scenario they are looking for Sales force Automation, then these tips and trick can be done :

1. Prepare your data, make sure that you have many Hospital Data or Pharmacy, or Clinic Data. Convince them that you were preparing very well only for them.

2. Because the company will have to maintain customer, also with doctor, convince them that CRM can be tool for Key Opinion Leader Management, show them about 360 degree of your customer, show them the contact card to know detail about the Doctor or Key Opinion Leader.
Give them visualization (Doctor Photo, for example, say to them if I am new sales reps, I have to visit whom? I can see the picture).

3. Show them the Product List Data, convince them you also know well their product (sample)

4. They usually always request for PreCall (Plan) vs PostCall (Post) requirement
Give them info that we have Appointment Module (Plan it then mark as completed)

5. CRM Go Mobile, show them CRM for Tablet
(only using iPad and also Windows 8 or Microsoft Surfaces)

Don't forget to modify your Sales Dashboard also.

6. Show them that event in Tablet or Web, we can actually create Appointment and access the Business Process Flow

7. Show them the analysis that Management can get

8. Show them Sales Reps Info and also Sales Team Collaboration

Remember that :
Picture means thousand words :)

Thank you.

Attach Existing Virtual HD for Hyper-V

If you have existing Hyper-V Virtual HD and you don't have any other configuration file to be imported to your Hyper-V, but you still want to use that Virtual HD, here are the steps to you to attach your existing VHD.

1 Create New Hyper-V Virtual Machine

2. Click Next and then give Name of your new Hyper-V Virtual Machine

3. Click Next

4. Assign memory for Hyper-V Virtual Machine

5. Choose Connection

6. Then here is you Connect to you existing Virtual Hard Disk
    (if you want to create new HD, please choose : 'Create a virtual hard disk')

7. Then you browse to your existing vhd location

8. Choose Virtual hard disk file

9. Then OK, then go to Summary, then Finish.

10. Then click Start

11. You also can have more than VHD like this :

(if you have two vhd before and you cannot use because it is not bootable, so first you have to create new virtual machine, then attached the new one).

Hope it helps.
Thank you.