Monday, 3 March 2014

Access CRM 2013 Web (not mobile express apps) through IE 11 (Windows 8.1)

I have faced this issue when I tried to upgrade my Windows to Windows 8.1 as client and upgrade my CRM to CRM 2013, when I access my organization URL through IE 11, it is auto redirect me to mobile web, not the CRM web apps.

For example : 

my crm URL :

then I will be redirected to  :

Then, I tried to uninstall IE 11 and I could not because by default Windows 8 IE browser version is 11.
I can access CRM 2011 after rollup 12 through Windows 8 IE because it is version 10, but why I can't access my CRM 2013?

Okay, if you face that problem, just 
change your IE 11 compatibility, these are the steps you need :

1. Go to Tools or Alt+x
2. Choose Compatibility View Settings

 3. Add your CRM Organizaton URL

Hope it helps!

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