Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Attach Existing Virtual HD for Hyper-V

If you have existing Hyper-V Virtual HD and you don't have any other configuration file to be imported to your Hyper-V, but you still want to use that Virtual HD, here are the steps to you to attach your existing VHD.

1 Create New Hyper-V Virtual Machine

2. Click Next and then give Name of your new Hyper-V Virtual Machine

3. Click Next

4. Assign memory for Hyper-V Virtual Machine

5. Choose Connection

6. Then here is you Connect to you existing Virtual Hard Disk
    (if you want to create new HD, please choose : 'Create a virtual hard disk')

7. Then you browse to your existing vhd location

8. Choose Virtual hard disk file

9. Then OK, then go to Summary, then Finish.

10. Then click Start

11. You also can have more than VHD like this :

(if you have two vhd before and you cannot use because it is not bootable, so first you have to create new virtual machine, then attached the new one).

Hope it helps.
Thank you.


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