Wednesday, 24 September 2014

CRM 2011/2013 Understanding The Privilege to Show and Hide 'Write-In Product"

We often have requirement to hide the ‘Write-In Product’ choice for Salesperson to insist them to use Existing Product from Product Master records.

So the first way is by removing the inline grid, change to custom grid which doesn’t have editable in-line grid functionality, so that it will open a new window to Opportunity Product/Quote Product/Order Product/Invoice Product and then you can hide or make the write in Product as read-only field or disable the ‘Select Product’ to make it always ‘Existing’ using Form Editor or can use Javascript onLoad function.



Then there is now way to choose the Write In.
But, what if the users want to hide through this inline grid?

Existing Product and Write In

And there is no supported customization using Javascript to hide this.

Actually, there is a privilege managed in Security Role to control this visibility.

Go to the Security Role and go to Sales Tab.
In the Misc. Privileges, you can see the Override ‘entity’ Pricing.

So, for example you want to hide the ‘Write-in Product’ under Opportunity, then don’t give permission to ‘Override Opportunity Pricing’.

salesperson security role

And here is the result..

Existing Product and Write In after

But, unfortunately, this is also make the person assigned to that security role also cannot override the Price, it means always ‘Use Default’ pricing.

Existing Product and Write In detail

*If you want to show the 'Write-in Product' then you just give full access to 'Override Opportunity Pricing'.

*For another entity, you can give or not give permission to Override Invoice Pricing and so on based on your expected entity.

I hope in the next release, the Microsoft product team will split them into two different privileges.
It will work for clients who don’t want to the Salesperson using price different from the Price List assigned to them, some customers will agree to block those two functions.

I hope this helps you if your customer doesn’t allow the Salesperson to overwrite the price.


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  2. Hi everyone,
    I would like to add a new filed called "status" into the product inline view in the opportunity form, so when our sales managers add products items in the opportunity; they can then make record of own or lost status for each individual product. For example, one of our manager add 10 different products into the product items inline edit view for making quote, after he knows our clients only want to order 3 products from the total quoted 10 products ;he wants to mark those 3 products' status as won and the rest 7 as lost, so in the end of the season, he can check straight away what products ' demand are higher than others and what are the reasons for those not popular products; is it because of the price or quality...etc.

    Is anyone know how to get the result I want? Please!

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