Wednesday, 13 January 2016

CRM 2013/2015 Sitemap Icons Are Not Displayed Correctly Workaround

Hi Friends,

Brief Introduction

if you encounter a problem that you cannot see the icon in your customized Sitemap, do not worry, it is known issue, but there will be a workaround.

Or you just take a look on these submitted Forum posts as known CRM Issues that has been submitted to MS Connect as well

The Forum

The Issue

Here is the example, of the incorrect ICON

The Workaround

Basically, it was caused by the URL of the Image that is not correct rendered in the CRM Web, it keeps rendering the root location, not the real path.

It is referring to the WebResources/imagename.png not the customized folder path, so it is pointing to the root folder, instead.

Knowing & using this Concept, so tried to have workaround by uploading new image for the icon using the expected path.

And this is needing our best buddy tool, no other than XrmToolBox, thanks Tanguy to ease me doing this.

Or if you use Web Resource common way

The Result:

After the changing of the URL

Hope this helps


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