Thursday, 11 September 2014

Create a ‘Current/This Year and Last Year’ Comparison Chart in CRM 2011/2013

Often, we have requirement to have chart showing comparison of sales performance (can be Closed Opportunity, Won Quotation, Paid Invoice, Monthly Sales Result or other parameters of performance) between Last Year and This Year.

So, this is a simple post explaining how to create Comparison chart comparing Last Year This Year Performance without any coding.


1. So now I have a custom entity, Monthly Sales Result.
2. Then, let’s create a new view and give criteria for the date field you want to measure, for example Sales Date, CreatedOn, ModifiedOn, Actual Close Date, etc, set to This Year Or Last Year


So now we have a filtered view only showing data in This Year and Last Year.

3. Create a Chart

Then, create a new Chart using that newly created view using this setting:


Save it, Publish and see the result.


Now, you can have a simple comparison chart Smile

Hope this helps!

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  1. yeah, very simple. Can Dynamics do nothing even mildly complex?


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