Wednesday, 20 January 2016

An item with the same key has already been added Error when try to Import CRM 2011/2013/2015/2016 Unmanaged Solution

Hi All,

I just try to document what just happened to remind myself and help other people if needed.

So basically when try to import solution from our Development Organization to another CRM Organization, we encountered the problem as described in the system.

Then here how to solve:

1. Always download the Log
*Always try to download the Log will let you know better

2. Analyze the Log, which process failed and got error

3. In my log, the Component type you can see in which entity and also with Component type, I found it was "Form"

So I try to minimalize the effort by creating new solution with the component only using the troubled entity, easier to do checking in the end because only one component included.

Then I searched the Google and found useful information.

*Thanks my friend Nishantrana

yeah, it is definitely because of there is at least one field with same schema name but different data type.

But in my case is not same.

In the end I also realize that I have same schema name, same data type, but it is Option Set.
So, someone deleted the field and re-create new one with same schema name, but one is Local Option Set and another one is Global Option Set,

That was causing the problem.

So how I solve in the end?

I delete the field, remove from form as well in the destination then after that I publish All Customizations and then I re-import again the Solution.


My Friends, this case is really common issue and try to reduce the possibilities by downloading the log and also using smaller solution with the specific component to check.

Not only if the data type is different, but if it is an Option Set, local and global Option you also need to care.

Try to avoid this by always check your schema name or if not commit do not create the field first (if possible only).

Hope this helps!


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