Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Setup Dynamics 365 Trial with Marketing App in Same Organization

Hi all,

I am trying to setup trial for a training that will need both Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing together, however, everytime you setup a trial from this URL:


It will then create new organization and that means the data won't be shared, it is perfectly aligned with this article:


I try to "Get Free" each application and then it created multiple environment for me:

But, I want to install Marketing in the Environment 1, the one I created first which already had Customer Service, Field Service, and Sales Hub. Currently, it is in 2 different environments.

This what I learned that make it happens.

1. You need to setup trial

2. I suggest to start with Customer Service because it has many things inside

3. Then, you can setup the Marketing Trial (which is my environment no 2), same from here:

But, choose Marketing

4. Then you will see new environment: "Marketing Trial" will be created in your tenant and you can have Marketing app there.

5. You cannot get more than one Marketing App in the Trial tenant, so what you need to do is you need to uninstall the app to be installed in another environment.

6. Go to the Admin Centre and go to the Dynamics 365 Apps

7. Then You should see it is installed under Marketing Trial and you need to uninstall it to free up the app.

8. After it has been uninstalled, under the same link when you uninstalled, you will be able to Install it to different organization, it will take some times.

9. And here is the result after you install it to another environment.

Here we go your Marketing app is Ready to Use

*Please note that this may not work in the future.

Hope this helps! Thanks


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