Tuesday, 24 June 2014

CRM 2011/2013 Reports: CRMAF_Filtered Does Not Work

When you have query:

SELECT customeridname, name, owneridname, estimatedclosedate, estimatedvalue, opportunityratingcodename, closeprobability, statecodename
AS CRMAF_FilteredOpportunity

You are actually expected to have pre-filtering CRM Report.

But, somehow, it did not work like what I encountered before.

Well, it is my resolution.

1. I go to the RDL files

2. I take a look in the DataSource section, and I found that the data source was referring to a database, but without _MSCRM suffix, well, the report is running well eventhough using another database but no pre-filtering enabled at the very first place.

3. Change the Data Source





You can have the _MSCRM connection string from the http://myserver/reports

or usually by combination of OrganizationName_MSCRM

Well, this is solving my problem. And when I go to the SQL, yes, there is only one database:

KonicaMinolta_Dev without MSCRM. This database name is actually different from KonicaMinoltaDev_MSCRM since this is I used when I restore and Import Organization from the existing one, and somehow, the CRM Database Name did not change and remain to this KonicaMinolta_Dev.


Hope it helps!


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  1. You saved me. Thank you! after I wasted a day on this.


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