Monday, 30 June 2014

Set Default Price List in the Opportunity Dynamics CRM 2011/2013 [without a Piece of Code]

In My Previous Post, I explain about setting Default Price List in the Opportunity using Javascript and without any hard-code.

Now, I am trying to Set the Default Price List in the Opportunity Form without a line of code.
And thanks to Business Rules, that actually you can achieve this!

1. Create a Business Rule under Opportunity Form

2. Set a Condition:


* This condition is necessary to lock the Default Price and to not overwrite the existing Price List, for example, user did not use the selected Default Price List, but he/she used another Price List, so it will not overwrite for existing Opportunity.

3. Set an Action:


4. Here is your Business Rule should be:


5. Do not forget to Save and Activate:


6. And here is the result at the very first time create a New Opportunity:


NB: This method is can be used to several purposes, not limited to set the Default Price List.

Enjoying you life with CRM-ing!

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  1. Any thoughts on why this would work initially for me, but it won't work now?


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