Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Demo Builder is AVAILABLE. Don't miss it!

Hi All, In case you have any demo session plan but you are only in short time available to create your demo environment CRM 2013 demo builder has been available, it replaces the CRM 2011 demo. It might be Microsoft wants to get new prospect to CRM 2013. You can get it from this link :

Click here!

Remember you have to sign in to Microsoft Account

Then after you sign in you will be redirected to the screen, and choose your own Template.

They already have template :
Financial Service, Grant Management, Citizen Management, etc.

Then you will have to fill in information to deploy and also you will be receiving SMS message for verification code

Next, you have to wait until it has been completed, about 1 day, then you will get your notification on your registered email.

When you login, there will be many features you can access.
These are example why I feel that this is can impress me :

Opportunity Map:

Opportunity Heatmap :

And also Power View

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