Monday, 27 July 2015

Follow on Behalf Other users in CRM 2013

A quick post (just copy paste from my previous forum reply Smile
Just in case the users need to follow other users but he needs you as the Administrator to follow on behalf, you can do use this method:

So, create a workflow here:

*You can make as ondemand and also oncreated as trigger point and put some condition, again up to you, here I use ondemand as well to execute it manually.

You can set as realtime workflow for CRM 2013 above as well, ok.

Then the most important thing is the Action step to Create a follow record.

Just put like my example, set the Owner to your VP of Sales.

Now let's see how it works.

At first, the VP has not followed CRM User 1

*Can see through the Follow button, okay.

Then I (as you as admin), run the workflow of this user (can select multiple users as well, but I have no enough sample here, so please use one of them first :))

okay then I run the workflow (before that you need to activate it first)

Then here is the result after that.

I login as VP then I can see that I have followed this user.

Without clicking that, my admin (you) already make me followed this user.


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