Thursday, 27 November 2014

CRM 2013/2015 Google Chrome Issues Fixes

Hi, we are all know that Google Chrome now is not fully supporting CRM anymore.

So, if you have these symptoms:

1. Error occurred when click the Lookup icon (magnifier icon)

2. In the Form Editor, you have renamed the display name of the label, label width, have modified the checkbox of event enable, field is read only or visible by default, but you realize when you OK and close the dialog, it doesn’t give you any impact, yes, it is because of browser problem.

3. Cannot add components in the solution

4. Cannot export solution

5. And other minor user experience issues

Well, it might be because of your browser is Google Chrome now.

I found that many people in the forum reported unexpected error behavior suddenly and we analyze that most are caused by current browser, Google Chrome, and Yes, I am one of the person that always use Google Chrome as my default browser, honestly Smile

So, how to fix it?


1. You can refer to this link:

Guido has provided a solution about 1 month ago there.

2. If you are CRM Online User, do you realize that Microsoft has provided a way to fix.


Just double click to that link, it will redirect you to:

So, for those who are CRM OnPremise Users, you can try to refer to that link
It will require you to edit the local group policy, which is not clearly stated in the link, so I provided the screenshot here.


Enable it.


3. Change your habit, well, don’t use Google Chrome, for safety purpose, use IE 11 or Firefox Smile

Hope this helps!

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