Sunday, 31 May 2015

CRM 2013 SP1 & CRM 2015: ‘My Organization SLA does not work properly” Troubleshooting Check Points

After we upgrade our CRM 2013 to CRM 2013 SP1 or even CRM 2015, we expect that we will have out of the box functionalities, such as Social Profile, Case Creation Rules, Case Routing Rules, and of course the SLA and Timer things functionality. But how sad we are when we know that some of the functionalities did not work properly.

Based on my experience, I would like to share you tips how to troubleshot and do provide you checklist to help you complete your checking when you face a problem that your SLA never works.


1. Please check have you activated the SLA?

2. Do you have any SLA rules differentiated by customers? If yes, then you should configure the Entitlement

3. You dont have any Entitlement or special treatment for your support level? Then, make sure you have chosen one of your SLA as the Default one, then the system will use that rule for every customer.

4. If you ever deactivate the SLA and wish to re-activate again, do not forget to ‘Set As Default’ once again.

5. You did everything, but you are not sure whether this works or not. Please go check the System Jobs, CRM basically would create a new system job for this SLA.

6. Finally, you think you did everything, but you still cannot see your date time field is filled by the SLA due date based on the settings and also there is no System Job created?

Well, it is time to check, are you accidentally change the System Settings?

By Default, it will always Enable.

*For CRM 2013 version, please check in the System Settings –> General Tab and you will find the settings in the bottom

7. And again… You still cannot find it?

Well… This is what I experienced before..

Please go check your Plugin Registration Tool and expand the CRM Internal Object Model Plugin Assembly

Are you accidentally again disable the Steps?
Please Enable it…

8. You have done everything but still can’t work?

I would suggest to check your SLA Item conditions for ‘Applicable When’.

I found some conditions did not work such as i tried using multiple lines of text with operator contains, I am not sure it is a bug or what, but in CRM 2013 SP1 I tried this condition did not work, and also I did try using the related entity field as the trigger point, such as using a field from Customer (lookup field in the Case)  as the condition, it did not work, unless I add one more condition from the Case field itself. It does make sense because CRM use workflow on case entity, if you change anything in the Customer entity field, oob workflow won’t change anything in the Case entity, right..

Because Case is another entity and it is a child of the Customer (Account/Contact) entity.

So, I found that changing my condition with another flag make it works perfectly.

I share this because I was frustrated finding out what happened to my Out of the box SLA.

For another info how the system calculate the SLA by Business Hours, you can refer to this blog:

Hope this helps!



  1. Hi! thank you for the great posts over the years, hope I just didn't make you feel old. I have this challenge and was hoping for your insights. I have created a single SLA with about 50 applicable items or conditions on a on-premise 2015 update 0.2 deployment. All that happens is I get the activation progress bar which eventually times-out and the SLA remains in draft status. Your thoughts?

  2. I don't see any of the listed plugins in MS CRM 2016 online.

    my SLA workflows are in waiting for timer state though i believe it should be completed.

    i have define 1 minute time interval only.

    i have cross check everything listed by you.

    Still I am not getting any luck to work default SLA.

  3. Great post. Thank you :) It helped.


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