Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Dynamics CRM Rich Text HTML Editor with TinyMCE Solution


We all know that CRM records except Email Template or Email cannot have Rich Text HTML Editor  using CRM Out of The Box Feature. In some situations, we might need this requirement, for example, when we need to supply data to CMS System that need fancy color, fancy formatting, superscript, and subscript as well, we can’t just supply them the plain text only without styling and HTML formatting.


So, this is one of our requirement in the project, so, together with my geek colleague, JVS Segador trying to make it happens using tinyMCE.

There are 3 choices we can use:

1. Use HTML Web Resources
Then we place it in to the CRM Form

2. Use custom page like ASPX hosted somewhere and then put as iFrame

3. Convert text field in CRM to Rich Text Editor with some ‘hack’ and ‘tweak’

For those we still need the TinyMCE libraries, so the purpose of my blog post now is to help you using the TinyMCE by providing you the CRM solutions I have compiled.

Steps & Download Link

1. You just need to import it to your CRM and choose 1 of 3 choices by referencing its libraries.

Finally, you can download here:

TinyMCE Solution for CRM 2013
*This example is for CRM 2015 Online (with Online Updates 1), so should work for now.

2. Create a HTML, a new Web Resource, then You can refer to the library you have installed into your CRM Solution, for example:


3. Then you need a javascript to get the content and to grab it and save it to the expected field value.

To grab the value you can use this:

var xContent = tinyMCE.get('textareaID').getContent();
var aContent = tinyMCE.activeEditor.getContent();

*Note: In the next post I will provide the full HTML Code as solution

4. Put the HTML to the CRM Form

5. For adding new Plugin or new fancy functionalities you can add more plugin libraries that TinyMCE provides to you all.


And here is the result:


Thanks to TinyMCE Team! Good night here


  1. Hello! How to get "tinyMCE.activeEditor.getContent();" from webresources on crm form javascript file (crm 2015 online update 1)?

  2. How will this affect looking at this information in Pane view? Notes, tasks, anything else with Details created with Rich Text would show-up as garbage in the Pane view. Any suggestions around this? Or would Pane views of this information just be useless? I also thought about creating a Text version of the data without Rich Text for when the Rich Text data is created, but if someone updates this in a Pane view it would overwrite the Rich Text version.

  3. You can now use the ideas above to incorporate the feature-rich Tiny MCE editor using either the managed or unmanaged solution provided here:

  4. Hi,

    I am using this plugin to replace default email editor of CRM but when i click send email. It doesn't copy text from this email editor, CRM is still test from description field of CRM form.
    Can anybody please help.

  5. Hi,
    Can i put content in textarea using scripts..??

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  9. Any full code for this please? I really need it.

  10. Is there a full installation description available? I miss some vital information to get this running. Many thanks upfront!


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