Friday, 3 April 2015

Skyvia Review: Riding Your Data Via The Sky

Nowadays, Cloud is our new trend, even, now, we cannot live without dealing with the Internet and ‘the Sky’. Even our beloved CRM Product, SharePoint, and other technologies are hosted in the Cloud, helping us to reduce our pain in taking care our Infrastructure investment. Now, the problem is we need to do backup and integration, imagine in CRM Online, we cannot just perform backup and restore like what we always do in our onPremise SQL Database. In term of Integration, we already knew some tools, such as OOB CRM Export Import Wizard, SSIS + its Connector, Scribe, etc.

You have entrust your Data in the cloud, now do you ever imagine that you want to have a solution for backup and integration also in the cloud?

To avoid any other Integration investment, luckily, there is Devart who developed a sky tool, with the name Skyvia and one of the man behind this tool introduced it to me personally, so now I would like to give it a try and write the review of their product. This product can integrate various sources to various targets, not only CRM to CRM and it is supported by its attractive User Interface.
For my first impression, I am impressed by its User Interface, it is simple, flat, but fancy and colorful, and it is easy.

What is Skyvia?


Well, its slogan can tell what it does and what it is. It is new era of ETL Tool, all in the cloud!

Integrate, back up, access, and manage your cloud data
with our all-in-one cloud service!

What are Skyvia Features?


Yes, it is not only ETL Tool.

What are The Supported Connectors?


Skyvia supports several Worldwide CRM Products, Database, Online Storage, and also FTP.
Imagine, it’s all can be connected together.

How to Get Started?

As per mentioned before, it is a sky-based solution, it does need any other tool investment, just register here:

And start your Sky Journey via Skyvia

How Much????

Well, for all of those features, I should have told you in front, currently, IT IS FREE…Yes, it is….At least until today it is free.
You can start now while it’s free and then visit their website for pricing changes HERE


It is very easy-to-use tool to perform backup and integration, for more complicated logic you might still need SSIS or Scribe, however, considering its price and its stand-alone software in the cloud, it is powerful to integrate data and also help you to backup your Online Data, while you don’t need to call Microsoft or Other Product Team just to backup your pieces of very important Data, want to prove it? Just Sign Up.

In the next post I will write about Skyvia Functionality, not just Introduction as wrote in this post.


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