Wednesday, 18 June 2014

CRM 2013 Quote Product Business Rules Feature Does Not Working

There are several questions I found in Forum and Blog Discussion about Business Rule that is not working on Quote Product entity, even though you were be able to create and activate that Business Rule. And yes, I experienced it by myself when I want to add new Business Rule to customize the Discount.

Then, after some research, I have the clue that it is actually same as the Business Process Flow, will be only available for new-refreshed UI, and Quote Product is one of the entities that’s still using Classic Form. But, why CRM 2013 still allow user to add those Business Rules in the Classic Form.

Quote product - with business rule

When I go through the CRM System (for the very first time), which is without Rollup Update, I can find the Business Rule in every entities, including Quote Product, Quote Close, and event Report.

Quote Product without ROllup1

Quote Product 2

But, in fact, when you create a New Business Rules in the Quote Product, it won’t work.

Then, after implement the Rollup Update, I found that this Business Rules feature was deleted for some entities, that are not using new UI.

Quote product - no business rule

Then, go to the Quote Product Form

Quote Product Busines rules disable

The Business Rules ribbon was disabled.

So that, I believe that after rollup, Microsoft remove the Business Rules that will not work.
So that, why even though in the CRM 2013 (without rollup) you can create the Business Rules, but when update rollup, it will not longer be available.

Hope it helps to clarify.

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