Friday, 30 May 2014

CRM 2011/ CRM 2013 Customize Connection Role Custom View

In CRM 2011 or CRM 2013, there is a feature called as Connection Role.

When you go to the Connection Role Lookup, there is a custom view : Applicable Connection Roles.
Now, if I go to the Connection Role entity, I cannot create a new View :


So, what I can do is create a new view in Advanced Find


Now, I want to customize the System View based my Custom View, I want to customize the Columns Layout

Before :

1. First, create a custom view (using Advance Find)
Add new Columns :

2. Use this tool
XrmToolBox - View Layout Replicator

Use your view as source

And here is the result :

New fields/columns you defined before has been added.

Hope it helps!

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