Wednesday, 21 May 2014

CRM 2013 Manage Column Order in Query Result of Dialog

In My Previous Post, I was explaining about Dialog that I have to use for my customer requirement.

Now, I have this Dialog

Unordered Response Values Result

But, that is not in good Column Ordering.

If you take a look, the column sequence from that Options are :

Name | Amount (Net Selling Price) | Quote Type | Quote ID
In this case I want more structure :
Quote ID | Name | Quote Type | Amount (Net Selling Price)

Then, I back to my Process and then I found that I use this :

But in this area, I only can select or de-select the column, I cannot manage the column order.

Then, I back to my Query Data :


Then I try to Edit Columns :


And yes, it is actually already ordered.

But, I still cannot have the order that I want, then I go to another tab, Modify Query Variables.


Well, here is actually unordered and it seems like my current order in the result.

The XML is different from the Design Column, even though I use my existing View that already clearly ordered.

Well, this XML will determine the Order.

I tried to re-order this by editing line by line, but it is disable to be edited.
Well, I thought it was impossible.
Then, finally, I can achieve this.

What I did:

1. I remove all of the columns


2. Then I add the column one by one while I was ensuring in the XML I can have same order of attribute.


3. I see the XML


The XML attributes order is exactly same with what I want.

Then here is the result in Process Responses Page Setting :


Ya, this is exactly what I want.

Let’s test it!


Yes, the Column Order is : Quote ID | Name | Quote Type | Amount (Net Selling Price)

Finally, I can achieve this.
This is little bit annoying why the XML cannot follow the Design View, then I have to remove and re-add again to get the correct XML Attribute Order.

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  1. What if I have a linked entity in Query CRM Data? I want a field from my linked entity first and then a field from priamry entity. Looks like you can't do with workaround mentioned here. Could you please confirm if this is possible? Thanks in advance.


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