Tuesday, 20 May 2014

CRM 2013 Change Business Process Flow Active Flag

In CRM 2013, we know about Business Process Flow feature.

Now, I want to change the Flag to another flag.

1. Prepare your image, it is about 26x26 pixel

2. Go to this folder :
“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\CRMWeb\_imgs\ProcessControl”

3. Find this image : “process_control_global_active_flag.png”

4. Backup your Original Active Flag image

5. Rename the original file

6. Copy and paste your image to this folder

7. Rename your image to : “process_control_global_active_flag.png”

Change the process_control_global_active_flag

8. Clear the browser cache

9. See the result

10. Here is the result :
After change flag indo ff

After change flag indo2

After change flag twitter2

NB : *This is totally unsupported way since you will replace field inside the CRMWeb folder and it is only working for OnPremise

Hope it helps!

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