Thursday, 8 May 2014

CRM 2013 Get Record Guid

Sometimes, for tracing and testing, we always need Guid from record that we view in CRM web.

If in CRM 2011, you can easily grab the current guid by pressing F11, Ctrl + N and also easier because it opens a new pop up.


Then, if CRM 2013, when you click record from Grid View or from anywhere, you might be only having this screen :


You have been in that Account record, but you still cannot see the URL since it did not open new pop up.
If you press F11, you also can get full screen only.


There are some method to get that Id

1. Do a SQL Query using name field combined with Address fields, maybe. But, again, need more effort.
2. Click the “Pop Out” from the record form to get the URL :


Then you can grab the URL as usual :


3. If you are so lazy to do that, just go to this link :

And download and Import the solution.


Then get the ID directly


Hope it helps!

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